3rd Kyu - Brown Belt Requirements 


  • Kette Junzuki
  • Kette Gyakuzuki
  • Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi
  • Kette Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi
  • Tobikomizuki (Sliding Snap Punch)
  • Nagashizuki (Twisting Snap Punch)
  • Sliding Back Fist (Front Arm), Spinning Elbow Strike, Back Fist (Same Arm), Reverse Punch
  • Sliding Reverse Punch to Stomach, Back Fist (Front Arm) to the Head
  • Step forward Elbow Strike & Upper Cut
  • Sliding Snap Punch, Hook Punch (Front Arm) & Upper Cut
  • Kicks/Combinations

  • Step forward Snap Punch & Reverse Punch (then coming forward) Front Kick, Round Kick, Back Kick, Back Fist & Reverse Punch
  • Sliding Snap & Reverse Punch, One Step Roundhouse Kick (Front Leg), Back Kick, Back Fist & Reverse Punch
  • Hopping Foot Sweep, Back Fist & Reverse Punch
  • Hopping Hook Kick & Roundhouse Kick (Same Leg), Back Fist & Reverse Punch
  • Jumping Side Kick (Back Leg) Coming forward
  • Jumping Scissors Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Hook Kick, Back Fist & Reverse Punch


  • Pinan Nidan
  • Pinan Shodan
  • Pinan Sandan
  • Pinan Yodan 
  • Pinan Godan

Bag Work


  • Students must have Pads & Mits

Any techniques from previous gradings may be included.