Code of Practice

  • Students must show proper respect for their instructor and fellow students.
  • Students must wear clean and tidy uniforms.
  • Students must wear their appropriate belts if graded.
  • No jewellery or watches must be worn whilst training.
  • Students must keep their finger and toe nails cut at a reasonable length.
  • Appropriate safety equipment must be worn by students whilst sparring to protect themselves and their fellow students.
  • Students must not leave a class without asking the instructor.
  • At each training session, grading and at every course membership cards must be produced.
  • In the absence of the instructor the highest grade student must begin the class on time and all other students must show proper respect.
  • Students must pay the class fees at the beginning of each month.
  • Students must own a current license.
  • Outside the Dojo students must never use the techniques they have learnt, other than in self defence.
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